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 December 2016

Der italienische Countertenor Carlo Vistoli gehört nicht zu jenenSängern, die vor allem technisch perfekte Koloratur-PerlenschnĂĽre aneinanderreihen- nicht oft erlebt man Countertenöre, welche vokale Akrobatik durch tiefanrĂĽhrenden Ausdruck fast vergessen machen. 
Hartmut Becker - Badische Neueste Nachrichten

DerCountertenor Carlo Vistoli glänzte durch eine farbenreiche und sicher geführte Stimmesowie eindringlichen Ausdruck, nicht nur in der großen Arie He was despised (Er ward verschmähet).
Karl Georg Berg - Badisches Tagblatt 

El contratenor italiàCarlo Vistoli, tot un descobriment, va ser de lluny la veu més sorprenent i commovedorade la vetllada, amb un timbre bellíssim i rodó i una tessitura homogènia, desdels generosos i oberts aguts a un registre de pit consolidat i integrat en lalínia de cant. Però pel que més va destacar Vistoli va ser per la capacitatd’hipnotitzar el públic amb la seva interpretació, tot aconseguint captarl’atenció de la sala sencera -amb un silenci manifest- en la seva expressivitatmagistral en pàgines com He was despised o But who may abide.
Mercedes Conde Pons -revistamusical.cat  

Carlo Vistoli queposseeix una veu de contratenor amb un gran registre tant agut com greu amb unamusicalitat i expressivitat de gran qualitat amb un gran sentit teatraldramĂ tic.
Ofelia Roca -elbinari.com  

El contratenor CarloVistoli tiene un timbre hermoso - sin el artificio que frecuentemente invadelas voces de su cuerda - buena potencia, sensibilidad y un medido, peroconmovedor sentido dramático. Como curiosidad destacaremos que abandonĂł elfalsete al descender hasta lo más bajo de la tesitura, sorprendiendo con unapunte de color baritonal que, aunque poco ortodoxo, funcionĂł como efectoteatral. 
Juan JosĂ© Freijo -bachtrack.com  

El contratenor CarloVistoli, procedente del semillero de Le Jardin des Voix, tiene una estupendavoz y muy buen gusto, logrando una brillante But who may abide y unaconmovedora He was despised. 
Javier SarrĂ­a Pueyo -elartedelafuga.com
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 February 2015-October 2016 - Press review

Hong Kong 
A highlight of theconcert was the older-style solo cantata by Niccolo Porpora, one of Haydn’steachers, "Oh, se fosse il mio core", brilliantly sung by countertenor CarloVistoli. The intricate lines and elaborate ornaments did not obscure thepoignant expression of "Ah, if only my heart were free to give away". Thecountertenor voice is in the alto register and Vistoli’s high notes shone outwith mesmerising power. 
Alexis Alrich - SouthChina Morning Post  

The standouts for mewere mezzo-soprano Lea Desandre and countertenor Carlo Vistoli, who bothdemonstrated a uniqueness in vocal tone and great acting capacity in theirperformances. It was such a joy each time they sang. 
Mariyon Slany - artshub.com 

Countertenor CarloVistoli gave an emotionally powerful performance of an excerpt from Handel’s Orlandoand showed a lovely lyrical quality in a cantata by Porpora.
Mark Coughlan - TheAustralian  

But the night’shighlight came in countertenor Carlo Vistoli’s account of Porpora’s "Oh, sefosse il mio core" cantata: a moving interpretation of high calibre.
Clive O’Connell - TheAge  

Counter tenor CarloVistoli navigated a stormy Handel number from Orlando and moved withfluid ease between falsetto and natural baritone. 
Peter McCallum - TheSydney Morning Herlad  

Alongside theinstrumentalists, Christie introduced members of the organisation’s vocalacademy, Le Jardin des Voix, who brought technical control and buoyantenthusiasm to obscure arias and ensembles rescued, reaching a peak withcountertenor Carlo Vistoli’s crisp reading of a Porpora cantata. 
Clive O’Connell -The Sydney Morning Herald  

The trials of Handel’s Orlandoare portrayed with brilliant vocal effect and physical movement bycounter-tenor Carlo Vistoli. [...] The rehearsal conflict is soothed by a solocantata excerpt by Nicola Porpora. Carlo Vistoli once more displays his widecounter-tenor range. He performs seemingly effortless elaborations whilstseated consoling his fellow performers. 
Paul Nolan - sydneyartsguide.com.au  

New York 
Carlo Vistoli, anItalian countertenor, sang with lovely tone, tinged at the bottom by his lownatural voice, and remarkable breath control. 
James R. Oestreich - TheNew York Times  

La perle de cettepremière partie vĂ©cue avec ferveur est le contre-tĂ©nor Carlo Vistoli, qui, en Orlandode Haendel, couronne son ultime «furor» d’un grave qui gĂ©nère des frissons dansle public. 
Jean-Luc Clairet - resmusica.com
21/04/2016, 14:49

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 Press review – Brisbane Baroque, April 2016

Rivalling Nerone tosucceed Claudio is Carlo Vistoli’s Ottone. Again, he’s far too impoliticallyreal to achieve the office, though naturally wins the audience’s support - andadmiration for his manly alto singing - every time he’s done down by Agrippina,Nerone, Claudio and even Poppea, whom he adores. 
Jeremy Eccles - bachtrack.com  

World favourite ItalianCarlo Vistoli, with a middle range that could shoot both up and down in a waythat was super-dramatic and quite astonishing. 
Alison Cotes - DailyReview  

As her lover, Ottone(the only morally decent character in the piece), Italian countertenor CarloVistoli impresses here as much as he did when visiting Sydney last year withLes Arts Florissants. He’s a fine actor and a thrilling vocalist, his amplevoice riding the orchestra, yet clear and detailed in his decorations andsubtle in recitative. Whether upbeat in his optimistic Coronato il crind’alloro, lyrical in the pastoral Vaghe fonti, or plangent in thegreat Act II lament Voi ch’udite il mio lamento, he demonstrates astriking emotional range. 
Clive Paget - LimelightMagazine  

Rewarded with the powerto rule but single-minded in his love for Poppea, the opera’s only shininglight of moral strength is Claudio’s saviour from death, Ottone, to whom CarloVistoli imbues with fortified simple-heartedness and a vocally charismatic andwholesome countertenor. Vistoli’s Ottone shares his feelings freely andtenderly with Keri Fuge’s savvy and seductive Poppea, her bright sopranoglistening more and more as the plot progressed. Together, Vistoli and Fugekeep love burning in sight of the debauchery. 
Paul Selar -operachaser.blogspot.co.uk